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From the Saint Martin HIV Reservoirs Workshop Via the International AIDS Society HIV Reservoirs Work
HIV Reservoirs Workshop
Since 2003 you manage each 2-year in Saint Martin the Reference Workshop about HIV Reservoirs, HIV Persistence and HIV Eradication Strategies. During its 4 last editions, this HIV workshop has attracted renowned scientists and clinicians from different components of the world actively working in the field of HIV reservoirs and looking for an HIV cure. Since its first version, this HIV reservoir workshop principles have stayed the same: delivering together the scientists actively involved with HIV reservoirs science, from simple research to medical care, the so called ‘bench to bedside’ approach. Consequently, just scientists having submitted an abstract to the HIV reservoir workshop may register, a proof of topnotch standard. Fruitful scientific trades have come from this HIV reservoir workshop and it equally helped beginning modern research inspirations and campaigns.

Towards a Cure IAS HIV Reservoirs Workshop
In July 2010, you were sat

isfied to take part to the Firstly Global AIDS Society (IAS) HIV Reservoirs pre-conference workshop in Vienna. The format was quite identical, though players were about an invitation list just. A Professional Development Workshop equally were held throughout the IAS World AIDS Conference the following week. IAS interest in the field of HIV reservoirs was, for all of us, a bright proof of the significance of the main topic of HIV reservoirs and popularity of the hard task you have initiated in 2003. Because, actually, when you launched the Firstly Saint Martin HIV reservoirs workshop in 2003 you were quite alone and governmental agencies or pharmaceutical companies were not very much curious by the topic, at the time!

HIV Workshop Again in Saint Martin Next December
The arena of individuals afflicted with all the bane of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is still shrouded in mystery. The abject misery and trauma the carrier of the deadly virus is not unknown. The lentivirus c

ausing AIDS is the biggest claimer of lives in registered background. Ever since the initial isolation of the affliction in 1981 there have been frenzied undertaking to wipe out the footprints of it. But sad to admit HIV eradication forces have churned away small success. The result is the fact that incidences of the illness have been increasing with no certain way of treating or controlling it in sight. Eradicating the reservoir of the infection firmly grounded during its organization is the goal of scientist, scientists and clinicians working towards a popular influence.

Although total HIV eradication seems literally impossible, scientists allege to have inspirations for it simply round the nook. The truth however, is the fact that HIV is spreading like crazy fire especially among poor people and not-so-well off nations. Researchers are putting in endless hours of efforts to control the spreading of the deadly virus and to discover healthcare treatment for the people absolutel

y in the hold of it.

Research is mobile instantly in the HIV reservoirs field. Important advances are waited for the next some months. Then, HIV cure is very little longer a banned word and several groups are trying to reach a ‘functional cure’, i.e. a drug-free HIV remission.

Consequently, you are eagerly waiting the 5th version of the HIV Reservoirs Saint Martin workshop in December 2011; once again, we'll spend all of our strength to make this event the scientific reference of the year about HIV reservoirs.

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